Why Would You Need Basement Waterproofing For Your House?

Water leakage is one of the major problems faced by more than 50 percent of the house owners in our towns. Leakages cause moisture to seep into the walls making them wet and damp. They ruin the painting giving a worn out look to your interiors. If you don’t adopt proper waterproofing techniques, the leakage can cause more damage to your walls. Majority of the leakage problems can be solved by getting a basement waterproofing done in your home. It is a smart investment that can protect your house from water leakage problems.

You may think that you when you are not using your basement it is meaningless to spend money it. But have you ever noticed that wet basements host lot of microbial growths like mold and mildew? This kind of toxic molds can lead to allergies and infections in kids. And they might even contaminate the HVAC systems leading to further health issues. Further, if you have furniture, boxes of books or clothes stored in your basement, the fungus and mold can ruin them beyond repair. You can of course reduce the problem by cleaning up your basement. However, you can’t keep the mold away for too long if there is a leakage. The only way to avoid it is to make the area waterproof. basement waterproofing new jersey

Many people lack enough space in their houses to arrange their furniture and other household items. They don’t make use of basements due to lack of enough security or hygiene. And if there is a possible leakage, then the situation becomes worse. In such cases doing a complete basement waterproofing can allow them to use the space for storage purposes. If the basement has enough space, one can even convert the area into a spare room.

Basement waterproofing is a simple process that will make a big difference in your home. It is an essential step that can protect your home from water damage. Basement waterproofing is of two major types –

1) Internal basement waterproofing:

Internal basement waterproofing is comparatively less expensive and easy to accomplish. However, it is also less effective in fighting the effects of hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls.

2) External basement waterproofing:

External basement waterproofing is a comprehensive procedure. The process can completely protect your house from all kinds of water damage. External drainage systems are made of perforated footer pipes that surround your basement and carry the excess water out and away from your house into some storm drain. And rainwater is channeled to the footer drains. Thus the overall water drainage is well managed exteriorly. This keeps the insides warm and moisture free.

Before hiring a professional for waterproofing your basement or house, you should make a thorough enquire about the quality and cost of the services available in your area or town. The total cost should be made clear and you should have a proper list mentioning exactly what work needs to be done. This will reduce the confusion and hidden costs.



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